The Case Of: JonBenet Ramsey

January 10, 2017

“The Case Of: JonBenet Ramsey” on CBS

Investigation Team:

  1. James Fitzgerald
  2. Laura Richards
  3. Stan Burke
  4. Dr. Werner Spitz
  5. James Kolar
  6. Dr. Henry Lee
  7. Jim Clemente, retired FBI profiler


This investigative report first gives background information regarding the case then introduces the two main investigators that were once on the case. Those same investigators are re-opening the unsolved case with this investigative report for CBS.

The two investigators give further background information regarding family members of JonBenet. Who the mother was (Patsy Ramsey), her education, age, and career along with the father (John Ramsey) of JonBenet and his education, age, and career.

Next, the investigators introduce the other members of their team for this re-opened investigation.

The viewers next hear the actual audio of the 911 phone call conversation made by Patsy when the family discovered JonBenet wasn’t there when they woke up that morning. This leads the team to review and analyze everything within that phone. For example, how Patsy Ramsey referred to herself as “THE mother” of JonBenet, not “her” mother. They also emphasize how odd it was that Patsy didn’t hang up the phone even though she thought the phone call was over, leading some unclear voices in the background to be slightly heard within the audio. Next, viewers are able to see how the team, with advanced technology, breaks down the slightly heard voices and try to decipher what might’ve been said.

Next investigators sit down and talk to the 911 dispatcher, Kim Archuletta, who talked to Patsy the day she called in JonBenet’s disappearance. This was the first time she was able to tell her side of the story within the 20 years since JonBenet’s disappearance/death. Investigators played the call for Kim, then asked how she felt about the case and what she thought about the call. They uncover how Kim thought that the call was rehearsed and also that she was not asked to appear in court and had a gag order to not talk at all about the call until after court.

The investigation team debrief the interview with Kim. They then talk about the first piece of evidence found; the ransom note.

Ransom note is read by investigators and simultaneously shown to the viewers. The investigators break down the ransom note word by word, phrase by phrase. Highlighting what they point out. For example, the ransom note starts with “listen carefully” and the investigators comment on how it is a note, so how does one “listen” carefully? Another example would be how the ransom-money amount asked for was precisely an odd number (118,000) which they point out was John’s work bonus. They continue to analyze the motives behind the phrases written in the letter, and what type of person might write those type of phrases or use that type of language seen within the note. For example, the letter uses proper language instead of slang which allows the investigators to propose the theory that the author was probably older and educated.

Investigators reveal that  the letter was written with a pen and pad both found in the household and both items got returned to the same spot they’re always at. Patsy’s pad on the desk in the office room, and the pen back in the basket underneath the telephone in the house; they show the actual places that they were found in the crime scene video taken when police came that day.

Next, investigators go over a timeline from the moment police responded to the call and onward with one of the detectives who worked on the case 20 years ago. They talk with him face to face, asking him what his thoughts and theories were when he was working on it back then. While doing this, they provide imagery to the viewers that coincides with what the detective is explaining. He explains precisely what had happened when he arrived on scene, and how JonBenet’s body was moved twice by John from where she was originally found. “Crime scene contamination,” he said.

Next, the crime scene is duplicated for this investigation; more specifically they recreate the house exactly how it was when police arrived on scene after the 911 call. They walk through with the detective who arrived 20 years ago, allowing him to take them step by step of what he did that day. He explains what he did, and why. He explains what the family members did and what they didn’t do. The viewers are really able to get a feel of the crime scene and that day in totality because of this duplication.

When the detective explains the family members’ actions from that day, he reveals how John wanted to leave right away, but later invited friends over to their home. They next go and sit down face to face to talk to the Fleet’s, who were the friends who came over that day after JonBenet was found dead. Due to the Fleets’ request to not be on camera, the investigators had to go talk in privacy and revealed that it was fascinating.

Next, investigators want to try to get an insight into the Ramsey’s personal life so they try going door to door and ask about the case. The viewers are able to see the process of the investigator getting shut down repeatedly, and the responses of people adding up to how they don’t want to “open that can of worms again.” Finally, they’re able to reach someone who used to work for the Ramsey’s that would open up to them on camera.

An investigator sits down face to face to gather information on the Ramseys and their personalities, lives, what they do, how they act and their relationships with JonBenet. The viewers hear from the mouth of that guy who worked for the Ramseys that Patsy seriously said “you can get away with murder in this country” after watching the OJ Simpson trial verdict claiming him not guilty. Another investigator talks to a woman who frequently visited the Ramsey’s and interacted with both the parents and JonBenet.

This woman revealed how JonBenet acted about pageants, how she referred to her mother, and how Patsy referred and acted towards JonBenet. The viewers get to hear word for word what this woman says about the Ramseys and JonBenet. Viewers get to hear how her and her family reacted to the crime within the town and her thoughts and theories about the crime, as well.

Investigators next find and explain the autopsy report. Viewers hear the official report, “death by asphixiation” and the thorough explanation by an autopsy specialist who analyzes how exactly JonBenet was murdered. The investigators and specialist go over each injury identified in the autopsy report; such as the neck injury, the skull injury. Through situational analysis the investigators apply the injuries reported and try to show how each injury either played into her death or was staged. For example, her wrists were apparently tied but based on her time and cause of death, the investigators conclude that it was staged.

The investigators discuss the next big piece of evidence. A flashlight that JonBenet was hit with on the back of the head. The viewers see the actual photos of the skull infraction that JonBenet suffered from the blow of the flashlight and investigators conduct an impact test to confirm to viewers that it is possible. Using a skull replica and a 10-year-old boy to prove to viewers that a blow to the head like JonBenet suffered is easy, takes no force, and clearly possible.  

The investigators show the actual media appearances that the Ramsey’s participated in (even before they sat down with the Boulder police). Using linguistic and statement analysts, they break down these appearances. They analyze the words the Ramsey’s say along with their body language, head movements, and the emotional state seen within the appearances.

They sit down face to face with a man asking about these appearances and his thoughts and theories behind it.

Another timeline is shown to viewers. This timeline reveals how the Ramseys waited 120 days after the murder of their daughter to talk with Boulder police. Investigators show the actual press conference footage of the Ramsey’s talking solely about how they “did not kill JonBenet.”  The investigators talk about their thoughts behind the footage.


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