Iowa Boy Locked Himself in Van After his Mother Tried Murdering Him 

January 24, 2017

Michelle Kehoe, of Coralville, pleaded not guilty to charges of first-degree murder, attempted murder and child endangerment causing serious injury after one of her sons died from his throat being cut and the other surviving. During trial Assistant Iowa Attorney General Andy Prosser presented audio recordings of Deputy Stephan Petersen’s interview with Sean Kehoe; the surviving son.

Photographs of the lasceration to the front of Sean’s throat was shown in court and the audio recording of his interview with Petersen immeadiately followed. The audio recording as heard:
Deputy Petersen: “So you say this [throat injury] happened yesterday? Or last night during the night?”

Sean Kehoe: “Yesterday morning.”

Petersen: “Yesterday morning, when you got injured?”

Sean: “Yeah.”

Petersen: “Did mom [Michelle Kehoe] do anything else to you?”

Sean: “No.”

Petersen: “She do anything to cover your eyes or anything? How’d she do that?”

Sean: “She put duct tape over my eyes and my nose and my mouth.”

Petersen: “Several piece of it or just one?”

Sean: “Several pieces.”

Petersen: “Several pices, did you have to pull those off or did somebody else?”

Sean: “I pulled them off.”

Petersen: “When you pulled them off was mom still there? Or was she gone?”

Sean: “She was hurting my baby brother.”

Petersen: “She was hurting your baby brother at that time? Ok, um, did you try to talk to mom or, just, what?”

Sean: “I snuck into the van and locked the doors.”

Petersen: “You hopped in the van and locked the doors? So she had you outside when she was hurting you?”

Sean: “Yeah.”

Petersen: “Ok, um, where were the keys at in the van?”

Sean: “She had them.”

Petersen: “Okay, so by getting in the van, were you safe though? Did mom hurt herself? Do you know? She did? How did she hurt herself?”

Sean: “I don’t know.”

Petersen: “Was mom bleeding? You saw that she was bleeding?”

Sean: “Yeah.”

Petersen: “Did she lay on the ground all night then? And you stayed in the van? You did?”

Sean: “Yeah.”

The audio concludes with Petersen arranging for an agent from the Iowa Divison of Criminal Investigation (DCI) to interview Sean next.

Michelle, sitting aside her attorney, frowned and occasionally bowed her head during the audio being played; Petersen sat on stand during the hearing.

Michelle faces life in prison without parole if convicted of first-degree murder for her sons death.


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