Iowa State Judge David F. Staudt

January 31, 2017

A family man, a friendly face, a humorous laugh, an informative classmate and a trusted Iowan are just some of the traits associated with David Staudt.

But, these traits are merely behind the scenes compared to those who know him as Judge Staudt. Committing his life to justice has gotten him to where he is today.

It all started when Staudt learned his interest in law while earning a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Iowa in 1990. He then went on to pursue his interest and earned a law degree from Drake University in 1993.

Following law school, Staudt first worked for two private law firms. One being Bakke Law Office in Forest City, where he worked for a short period of time, before taking his career to the Benzoni Law Office in Des Moines. Within the same year of 1997 he joined the State Public Defender’s Waterloo Office as an assistant public defender.

It was within this office that he proved he was right for pursuing justice in Iowa. In 2000 he became First Assistant Public Defender, then advanced to Chief Public Defender in 2006.

Then, in September of 2010, Governor Chet Culver appointed Staudt to become the District 1B Court Judge for the State of Iowa. Which is where he stays pursuing justice today.

Culver told the Courier in 2010 that, “David has an outstanding background of service to Iowans.”

This outstanding service happens both within the courtroom and outside of it; he spends some of his free time talking to students in classrooms.

Explaining the complex courts system, defining the differences between laws and state laws and expanding on cases that might seem unclear to the public eye are just some of the things he talks about to students.

All the while, he presents a sense of humor that makes nodding off in his presence nearly impossible.







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