KWWL’s Shane Moreland

February 14, 2017

Guest Speaker – KWWL News Director Shane Moreland.

7509560_G.jpg(Pictured on the far right with the plaque and pink tie)

Sean Spicer, the White House Press Secretary, is calling on different people during press conferences, such as local affiliates in the back instead of the larger media affiliates in the front, which is turning the opinion on mainstream media. What Spicer and the new presidency is doing is shaking out this “fake news” which has been present since the beginning of time. But, just because some media reports as hard-left or hard-right, as biased and/or untruthful, as “fake news” does NOT mean all media is like that. So, it’s up to the truthful and honest reporters to step up to the plate- are they going to shine and prove that not all media is producing fake news and integrity can be presented through their work or are they just going to fall back and be generalized?

News cast and news in general needs a balance of things because people are interested in all different kinds of things.

News can help create awareness and generate a safe mindset for the public, like ensuring they’re not in danger after someone was shot and killed. News can help make the job easier for the police department when trying to control and inform the public of what’s going on.

“Pursue the truth and report, not withhold it. Shying away from difficult cases is not necessarily more ethical than taking on the challenge of reporting them.”

When people approach the news corporations as, “I’ve been bullied, come report on me!” or “I’ve been raped, come report on me!” it should automatically be a red flag in a reporters mind!

For example, the Cedar Falls student who was apparently “raped” then complained that the Cedar Falls and Waterloo police departments didn’t do a thing to help her… 1. She refused a rape kit. 2. She never named her assailant. 3. She was never penetrated; so she was sexually assaulted– not raped. 4. When the news station conducted an interview with the girl, she showed no emotion regarding the situation.

Because of this case, a media news company in the local area of UNI reported on “rapes on campus” which in turn made UNI look bad. When in reality, this woman wasn’t probably ever raped. Not only did this hurt the reputation of the local University, she is further silencing and discouraging real victims of rapeboth men and woman.

“One quality you really need to have: NEVER BELIEVE ANYTHING ANYBODY TELLS YOU. Don’t take things for face value; instead, QUESTION WHAT PEOPLE TELL YOU. Be suspect, hold them accountable.Whatever they say, make them prove it.”

FedEx Guy Stops Flag Burning; ‘Merica. 1972655-210.jpg

A FedEx worker stops protestors from burning an American flag downtown Iowa City, Iowa.

This story was difficult to report on considering it was video-taped, shared and then went viral. The FedEx guy was particularly difficult to get ahold since he was referred to as ‘FedEx guy’ for the first 48. But when he was finally interviewed by a news source in Iowa City, KWWL journalists reported to that area in order to conduct their own story of the event.

Q: How do you report on things that you, personally, stand on but the public is outraged?

A: “I don’t do a lot of comments on Facebook because its like chumming the water. But sometimes we explain that it’s newsworthy and that’s why we’re reporting on it… Sometimes there are instances where people want us to take down a story written in the past. And I’ll stand my ground, and won’t do it. We can update the story instead but that just means it will appear at the top of the google searches. Be careful what you ask for, sometimes. But, there was one time that a kid who graduated from UNI called about a story that was in his past, where he got charged with arson. But he explained he was stupid then and cleaned up his act, got the charge adjudicated and had a clean record. So I took it down; he was sincere, I looked at his record and it really was clean. If his record wasn’t clean, I probably wouldn’t have done that. But that’s the only time I’ve ever taken a story down.”



She survived a house fire and got interviewed by her local news source. Which in turn, went viral and got her an interview with huge media sources like Ellen.

“So here’s our competition.” -Shane Moreland


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