Chapter 13

Advertising - When Speech and Commerce Converge  "Our question is whether speech which does "no more than propose a commercial transaction," is so removed from any "exposition of ideas" and from "truth, science, morality and arts in general, in its diffusion of liberal sentiments on the administration of Government," that it lacks all protection. Our... Continue Reading →


Chapter 11

Obscenity, Indecency, and Violence - Social Norms & Legal Standards Administrative laws that apply to sexual expression come from the FCC. Current federal and state laws have stripped obscene material - meeting the U.S. Supreme Court's definition - of all First Amendment protection. The dictionary defines obscenity simply as "relating to sex in an indecent... Continue Reading →

Chapter 9

The Media and the Courts - Preserving Public Trials and Preventing Prejudice  "We note that unfair and prejudicial news comment on pending trials has become increasingly prevalent. Due process requires that the accused receive a trial by an impartial jury free from outside influences. Given the pervasiveness of modern communications and the difficulty of effacing... Continue Reading →

Chapter 8

Reporters Privelege - Protecting The Watchdogs  "No harassment of newsmen will be tolerated... If the newsman is called upon to give information bearing only a remote and tenuous relationship to the subject of the investigation, or if he has some other reason to believe that his testimony implicates confidential source relationships without a legitimate need... Continue Reading →

Chapter 7

Newsgathering - The Pitfalls and Protections Newsgathering largely revolves around access-whether journalists have access to information-to potentially newsworthy documents, records, people and places.  The First Amendment protects an individual's right to peacefully and nondisruptively record public police activity. Polling places should be open to the press, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit... Continue Reading →

Chapter 1

The Rule of Law - Law in a Changing Communiction Envrionment  "Both individuals and the whole of society benefit when people adopt a mutually acceptable system of rules to promote a balance between gain and loss, between cost and benefit and between personal desires and universal concerns. Aristotle called this balance the "golden mean." Human... Continue Reading →

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