Justin Scott

Justin Scott: a self-employed photographer, Iowa native, husband, father, free-thinker and atheist. That's right, atheist. He is known for being an activist for atheists across the midwest, for taking actions at keeping the Church and State separate; and he takes pride in that. "I feel like just saying, “Hi. I’m an atheist” really tears down... Continue Reading →


Joan Becker

March 28, 2017 Ed Thomas Bill Joan Becker "I've been publicly speaking about Mark and his illness for about 8 years." "My son said, how will you ever heal completely if you keep opening that "It's hard for me to explain the strength that it gives me, being able to explain my sons story." "We... Continue Reading →

Victim Statements.

March 21, 2017 Crime Victim Statements to Mark Becker:  Thinking about my grandmother (Bam) Joney being six feet underground- I can't. It makes my throat clog up and tears swell. I don't like imagining it. I couldn't ever think of a world where Bam isn't there. So when I read these crime victim statements of... Continue Reading →

First Amendment & The American Flag

March 7, 2017 Upside Down Flag: In Waverly, Iowa you will almost never find anything out of the ordinary; or something that the whole town isn't already aware of/doesn't already know. So, once a flag is hung upside down with purpose in such a small town like this one, it is quite the dilemma. Anelia... Continue Reading →


February 28, 2017 Investigative Techniques - methods of how an investigative report begins and endures Role of insider & outsider of the story Taking place in Boston, Massachusetts there is a special branch of the Boston Globe Newspaper called Spotlight - they are investigative journalists. A 4-person investigative team. "Once we settle on a project, we could... Continue Reading →

Justice Zager

February 21, 2017 Justice Zager   Born and raised in Waterloo Graduated from Waterloo West High School Went to the University of Colorado in Boulder Went to the University of Iowa to attain a business degree Moved to Chicago and continued his education at Loyola University, attaining a degree in industrial relations Gained his Masters... Continue Reading →

KWWL’s Shane Moreland

February 14, 2017 Guest Speaker - KWWL News Director Shane Moreland. (Pictured on the far right with the plaque and pink tie) Sean Spicer, the White House Press Secretary, is calling on different people during press conferences, such as local affiliates in the back instead of the larger media affiliates in the front, which is... Continue Reading →

Court Assignment Details

JOURNALISM & THE LAWSPRING  2017 A TIP SHEET ON HOW TO TURN A COURT DECISION INTO A NEWS STORY FOR THE PURPOSES THIS CLASS 1. PURPOSE: The purpose of this assignment is to challenge you to transform a heavy, jargon-ridden, footnoted opinion rendered by a court into a readable news story. Not an easy task.... Continue Reading →

Bad Journalism

February 7, 2017 "Man Accused of Sexual Abuse of Girlfriend's Daughter in Parkersburg" - a story that got a reporter fired... Here's why. P.1 & 2: Starts with lead which is the accusation of a male sexually abusing his girlfriend's daughter and it taking place in Parkersburg. States that he will be charged with a... Continue Reading →

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