Supreme Court Rules Stop and Frisk Constitutional in Arizona v. Johnson Case

Emily Ritchie According to a U.S. Supreme Court decision, police officers do not violate the Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable searches and seizures when patting down car occupants, both passengers and the driver, during a vehicle traffic-stop. Arizona v. Johnson is a case concerning the authority of police officers to “stop and frisk” a passenger... Continue Reading →


Flag Burning Ruled as Symbolic Speech Protected by First Amendment

According to a 5-4 decision made by the U.S. Supreme Court, flag burning is symbolic speech protected by the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment. This decision was made after review of a case stemming from an incident during the 1984 Republican National convention in Dallas, Texas. Gregory Lee Johnson was outside the convention... Continue Reading →

Work Hard, Succeed and Make a Difference.

Emily Ritchie - CEDAR FALLS, IA The car rolled then sat upside down in the flooding ravine. The driver, trapped, was unable to free himself from the water seeping through the crashed car. University of Northern Iowa’s Detective Dana Jaeger, of Cedar Falls, did what he had to do. He smashed the window and pulled... Continue Reading →

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