Justin Scott

Justin Scott: a self-employed photographer, Iowa native, husband, father, free-thinker and atheist. That's right, atheist. He is known for being an activist for atheists across the midwest, for taking actions at keeping the Church and State separate; and he takes pride in that. "I feel like just saying, “Hi. I’m an atheist” really tears down... Continue Reading →


Profile: Joan Becker 

Studies show that 15 million Americans suffer from depression, this year alone, and that 3.2 million Americans also suffer from a disorder called schizophrenia; these numbers are rapidly rising, along with fatal incidents induced by people who haven’t gotten proper help for mental illness.  It’s easy to think it can’t happen here, it won’t happen to... Continue Reading →

Blackhawk County Jail 

Emily Ritchie CEDAR FALLS - “One of the first freedoms you lose when you come to the jail is your right to privacy,” Sheriff Tony Thompson told us right before he took us walking through the Blackhawk County Jail in Waterloo, Iowa. “You’re on camera everywhere as well as the inmates are, too. Everything is... Continue Reading →

Victim Statements.

March 21, 2017 Crime Victim Statements to Mark Becker:  Thinking about my grandmother (Bam) Joney being six feet underground- I can't. It makes my throat clog up and tears swell. I don't like imagining it. I couldn't ever think of a world where Bam isn't there. So when I read these crime victim statements of... Continue Reading →


February 28, 2017 Investigative Techniques - methods of how an investigative report begins and endures Role of insider & outsider of the story Taking place in Boston, Massachusetts there is a special branch of the Boston Globe Newspaper called Spotlight - they are investigative journalists. A 4-person investigative team. "Once we settle on a project, we could... Continue Reading →

Justice Zager

February 21, 2017 Justice Zager   Born and raised in Waterloo Graduated from Waterloo West High School Went to the University of Colorado in Boulder Went to the University of Iowa to attain a business degree Moved to Chicago and continued his education at Loyola University, attaining a degree in industrial relations Gained his Masters... Continue Reading →

State of Iowa Vs. Mark Daryl Becker 

On review from the Iowa Court of Appeals. On June 24, 2009, Mark Becker shot and killed Edward Thomas in a temporary high school weight room in Parkersburg, Iowa, in front of numerous high school students participating in summer workouts. Becker was charged with the crime of murder in the first degree. Becker provided notice... Continue Reading →

Iowa State Judge David F. Staudt

January 31, 2017 A family man, a friendly face, a humorous laugh, an informative classmate and a trusted Iowan are just some of the traits associated with David Staudt. But, these traits are merely behind the scenes compared to those who know him as Judge Staudt. Committing his life to justice has gotten him to... Continue Reading →

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